Business Hour
What is your business hour?

We are open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm through Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends.

How can I contact support center?

Please call us (+81-3-3560-9566) or contact support@pupuru.com
We are available from 9:30 am to 18:30pm from Monday through Friday.(closed on weekends)
We will reply within one business day.

How far in advance should I place my order?

To ensure availability, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible.
For the last minutes order, the order placement deadline is 3 business days before your rental starts.
Within 3 days, please contact us.

I need the device urgently

Order application from Web form is possible from 3 days later.
If you hurry, please call us (+ 81-3-3560-9566), or contact support@pupuru.com

How do I pay for the rental?

Full payment by credit card is only accepted.
Please note that payment in cash is not acceptable. Master, Visa, JCB, and AMEX cards are acceptable.
Non credit card holders, please contact us. We will find out the solutions.

Renting WiFi
What’s the difference between au HWD11 and SofBank 501HW?

We have 2 types of WiFi router, the one is au “HWD11” and the other one is SoftBank “501HW”.
They are both 4G LTE / Unlimited types.

①Unlimited (Data) Broad Internet Coverage
au “HWD11” has wider coverage and good for suburban areas such as ski resorts and sightseeing spots including mountain side.
Recommended for Hokkaido, Okinawa, Suburban areas.

②Unlimited (Data) Hi-Speed WiFi Connection On the other hand, SoftBank “501HW” is an ultra-high speed WiFi router and good for city areas and very useful for those who watch movies and video calls frequently.
Recommended for Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, City areas.

③GL06P(10GB Cap) is a useful for casual user as surfing internet, posting on SNS so on. Not recommended for heavy data users.

Is there an additional charge?

Since pupuruwifi has a fixed rate for communication fee, no need to worry about extra charge due to overuse.

Any device can be connected?

You can use your device as long as it supports Wi-Fi.
Since Wi-Fi is a worldwide standard, there are few devices that can not be connected.
If you are concerned, please contact our support center.

Internet is hard to connect! Slowing!

Please try restarting once. Also, if it is a location such as underground, the degree of incoming radio waves is weak, and there might be a case where sufficient communication speed does not come out. Please go out to the ground and try the communication again. Please contact our support center if you think of a terminal malfunction.

What is included in the package beside of WiFi router?

We will provide an AC adapter and USB cable for charging up a battery.
English manual, Black pouch, and Prepaid envelope for return are also included.

Pick Up and Return
Where can I get the devices?

East pick up at the airports, hotels and residences (including Airbnb) are available.
For hotel delivery, please make sure the name on your order matches the name on your booking reservation.
For residence/Airbnb deliveries, please make sure to provide us with very specific address and the name of the guest house.
Someone has to be there to receive the devices during the delivery time as we need the sign to receive from you.

How do I return the devices?

An orange self-addressed (prepaid) envelope will be provided along with the device.
Please put all the components together into this prepaid return envelope and drop it into any red mailbox(postbox) located across Japan before 11:59PM of your final rental day.
The late charge will be required after this.
This is very important and ask your attention that there is no mailbox after you have passed through customs Clearance/Inspections at the airports.
Therefore please drop off before then.
Postboxes at the airports are available in the departure lobbies and in the main buildings.

Can I return my WiFi device at the airport different from the one where I picked up?

No problem at all.

How much is the delivery fee?

The total delivery fee is 1,000 JPY (without tax).
This includes the fee of shipping and returning in all.

When is the return date?

You are allowed to drop off the devices by the final rental day. The late charge will be required after this. We will judge the return date from the date collected by Japan Post.
We will admit the return postmarked on the next day, however we are afraid that there is no guarantee that your package would be collected by the next day.
Therefore, we request our customers to drop off by the final renal day no matter how late it is (before 11:59PM) to secure (obtain) the postmark of the next day because packages are to be collected within 2 days from the date you posted at the latest especially in suburban areas.
*The time schedule of collection is normally displayed on each post box.

Is it possible to pick up the devices tomorrow in Japan time?

Unfortunately it is too late. Due to the security check at the airports, the package has to be there one day prior to customer’s arrival date.

②HOTEL or Residence (including Airbnb)
It depends on the location to receive, it might be possible, please contact us asap by email info@pupuru.com, Skype (pupuru_international) or call +81 3 3560 9566.
We are available from 9:30am to 6:30pm - Monday through Friday.

Only available in Tokyo
If you are in Tokyo we can send it to the address via Motorbike Express Delivery however the delivery fee is expensive than normal fee.
Motorbike Express Delivery Fee and Time varies depending on the location, therefor please contact us asap by email info@pupuru.com, Skype (pupuru_international) or call us at +81-3-3560-9566.

What is the compensation fee for the lost or damaged of device?

【Based on No Insurance (Exclusive of Tax)】
In case of lost or damaged of devices within the contract period, customers will be charged the following compensation (without tax)
・Device(Included Battery, Internal SIM card ) 40,000 JPY
・Battery only 1,500 JPY
・AC adapter/USB cable 1,500 JPY
・Pouch 1,500 JPY 
・Extra Battery(Options) 3,000 JPY

Damage Insurance
Do you have any insurance?

We recommend you to purchase Damage insurance option.
It's not possible to add insurance after your rental starts.
Damage insurance will be effective for the lost and damaged.

Can I cancel my order?

Customer who cancels the confirmed order after the dispatching of the device was completed or within 3 business days prior to start of service, the cancellation fee of 3,000 JPY/Kit (without tax) will be required.
The cancellation done 3 days before the rental starts, the total rental fee will be refunded.

Can I extend my order?

Please contact us before your final rental date to extend your rental period.
It will NOT automatically be extended without any further request.