• Tour Satisfaction With PUPURU WiFi
  • Tour Satisfaction With PUPURU WiFi
-Have you ever thought about living without the internet in your life?-
  • Contrary to your expectations, it is not easy to find out Free Wi-Fi Hot Spot in Japan.
  • Being connected with internet is desperately becoming the top urgent matter to you.
  • Share your great experience with your friends together by Pupuru Wi-Fi.
  • PuPuRu have been sharing so many good memories with our customers from all over the world for nearly more than 30 years.
Trust us and Try us Now!!
Easy Application
Easy receive anywhere
Easy return by mail
Hi-Speed (Unlimited/LTE)
Softbank 501HW
Broad-Coverage (Unlimited/LTE)
※A device changes depending on the stock availability
Router Recharger USB Cable Pouch Manual Return Envelope
number 1
Make reservations online.
Require your credit card information when booking your order.
Place your order 3 business days before start of rental service, or contact at .
number 1
Receive your WiFi device
(ex:Hotel, Airport, Private house)
number 1
Drop Off into the post box (180,000 in japan).
Put everything together into the PuPuRu'S black pouch and drop off in the orange envelope (self-addressed prepaid) provided.
Please drop off the device by the end of the rental day.
  • The starting date of rental refers to the day the customer indicate that they would like to receive the device at the requested location. The final rental day refers to the last day the customer will be using the device.
  • The normal delivery (to hotels or accommodations) charge is 1,000JPY which includes the prepaid postage fee for drop off.
  • For wifi rental customer, please note that with our regulations changes, you are not required to send us your passport information any more.
  • There will be a charge for cancellation made within 3 business days prior to start of service.
  • The nature and conditions of the signal will change from hour to hour. It will become difficult to use when the signal conditions are weak or disrupted. Depending on the location of surrounded mountains or buildings, it may be difficult to catch a signal.
  • A device changes depending on the stock availability.
  • This service is avaiable only in japan.