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Let's enjoy traveling in Japan with PUPURUWiFi.


4G LTE high speed communication, so you can use it stress free, and unlimited.


The lowest Price in the industry.
Simple charge system without postage and handling fee


Since we have been doing rental business for a long time, the number of customers exceeded 100,000 people.


English speaker is available.
We offer great customer support.

Easy three step

How does it work?

Easy Application

it takes only 5 minutes.

Make reservations online.
Require your credit card information when booking your order.

Easy Receive

Hotel, Airport, Private house

Easy Return

Just put it the post box

Drop Off into the post box
(180,000 in japan).
Put everything together into the PuPuRu'S black pouch and drop off in the orange envelope provided.

Provide satisfaction.

Can be used anywhere With high speed LTE

Stay connected to the internet at any time & anywhere in Japan. PUPURUWIFI works very well even in mountains, suburbans, and islands such as Okinawa, Hokkaido.
4G-LTE Data Unlimited PUPURUWIFI has 3 features Stress-free & Hi-Speed & Broad-coverage. Experience the best of internet surfing.



  • ultra high speed WiFi router and good for city area
  • very useful for those who watch movies and video calls frequently.
  • Recommended for Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, City areas
Rental Fee


Broad-Coverage (Unlimited/LTE)

  • Wider coverage and good for suburban areas
  • Excellent Wi-Fi with a high communication speed and wide area.
  • Recommended for Throughout Japan
Rental Fee



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the trip was great, the second to Japan. can't wait to go back and rent Pupuru again!

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Kylie Madden

We very much appreciated the use of the wifi on our wonderful trip to Tokyo as it made it much easier to find our way around. We would definitely use your service again when we come back to Japan.

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I have used Pupuru Pocket Wifi twice for my visit to Japan because of its fast wifi speed, unlimited connection, extensive coverage and long battery life. The service is reliable and prompt. It is also easy to rent and return. With Pupuru, I can stay connected at all times wherever I go.

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United Kingdom

We had an amazing holiday, thank you very much. Also thank you for the brilliant service you provide. The mobile WiFi worked really well everywhere we went.

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I travelled to tokyo last april 2018 and osaka last july 2018 both of my trips are hassle free because I rented a wifi from Pupuru. It is highly recommended that you get a handy wifi from

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William Webster
United Kingdom

We had a fantastic trip, thank you for the wifi it worked perfectly even when we driving along the north coast and around the mountains, great signal everywhere. I will certainly use pupuru again on my next trip.

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Pilar Millan

thank you for being so wonderful! The service is great and it will be I think the 3rd time I use it.

it’s great tourist in japan with Pupuru wireless wifi.it’s steady and hi-speed.I will recommand your product to my friends.


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I need the device urgently
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