Ordering & Payment

How far in advance should I place my order?
I need the device urgently
How do I pay for the rental?
Is it available to use debit/prepaid cards?
Can I pick it up without booking in advance?

Renting Wi-Fi

What’s the difference between au HWD11 and SofBank 501HW?
Is there an additional charge?
Internet is hard to connect! Slowing!
What is included in the package beside of WiFi router?

Pick Up and Return

When is the return date?
Where can I get the devices?
How & Where do I return the devices?
Can I return my WiFi device at the airport different from the one where I picked up?
How much is the delivery fee?
Is it possible to pick up the devices tomorrow in Japan time?
How to receive at AirBnB
How to receive at the hotel
How to receive at the airport
I forgot to return the device.

Compensation & Insurance

What is the compensation fee for the lost or damaged of device?
Do you have any insurance?
I lost/damaged the device while using it.
Can I get insurance options after recieve the device or while using it?
.The insurance covers all rental kits include option devcies?


What is the Pocketalk?
What is a mobile battery?
What is the cellphone set?
Is it possible to order Pocketalk single deivce? (without wifi router)


Can I extend my order?
How much is the extension fee?

Trouble Shooting

Internet is hard to connect! Slowing!
I forgot to receive it at airport.
I haven't received it yet.
I am currently renting PUPURUWIFI. I want to return it before the last day of rental.
The speed was too slow then expected, could you refund me?
I went through customs before drop the device into postbox.
.I'd like to change the pickup place (Airport, Hotel, Accommodation)
.I was not able to pickup on time because the flight was delayed.
The translation of Pocketalk is not working properly.


I'd like to receive the device today.
I'd like to change system launage to English
I feel that my PUPURUWIFI is too hot.
Can I use PUPURUWIFI in country other than Japan?

For other inquiries, please contact support@pupuru.com or live chat.